So My Mother, She Lives in the Clouds and other Stories / Fall 2015 / Hypertrophic Press


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With over 50 stories published in the last two years and nominations for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, “short story master” DiCicco weaves his tales into an auspicious debut collection. Through his minimalist style, DiCicco explores the ties that define us – the relationships between fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and men and their own fear. He navigates the human condition with a fresh voice, pulling you through each story with a sense of urgency and excitement while expertly balancing the reader’s sense of delight and despair.

Featuring 11 never-before-seen stories, So My Mother, She Lives in the Clouds propels DiCicco into the spotlight as the next major voice in indie fiction.

STORIES (and poems)

“The Waves We Mother” Little Fiction

“Last Ghost (in the House)” Psychopomp Magazine

“There is Only One Color of Betta Fish” Maudlin House

“After Stars” Ghost Parachute

“Our Children Will Love the Ocean” Breadcrumbs

New Flash Fiction Review “When the Sun is the Moon” Winter 2018

“Noah & The Dream of Mouth” Hypertrophic Literary, Summer 2017

How to Wake Up in Her SleepNew South Journal, Winter 2017

“Lysney & The Bear” The Fem Winter 2017

The Head & The Hand Press “Where Have the Gormley Bears Gone” Fall 2016

Gigantic Sequins “Jeremy & The Maps” Fall 2016

Wild Age Press “Jeremy & The Small Love” Spring 2016

Revolution John “Love Houdini” Winter 2016

Vending Machine Press “John and the Rainbow Whatever” Winter 2016

Gone Lawn “Man from the Sun”  Fall 2015

Nib Magazine “After School Special” Winter 2013

Intellectual Refuge “Going to Kill a Buffalo” Issue 4, Winter 2013
“Falling Indians” Issue 5, Fall 2013

Sundog Lit “This Kid’s Lightning” & “Future Perfect” Spring 2013

The Cossack Review “The Best Clay Pots in Town” Spring 2014

Cease, Cows! “Talk of Fire” Summer 2013 &
“So Bright We Quit Our Shadows”  Winter 2014

Bohemia Art & Literary Journal “Jim E. Wilson Forgets You” Summer 2013

Flash Fiction Online  “My Son” Fall 2013 hampster

WhiskeyPaper  “She Loves Me Like a Tape Recorder” Fall 2013

Bartleby Snopes “Heavy Shoes” (Winner of Story of the Month Contest)

First Stop Fiction What I Learned Beneath Your Shirt Fall 2013

Penduline Press “When You Die” & “When You’re Dead”  Fall 2013

Gravel Magazine: A Literary Journal “Seeds of Doubt” Summer 2013

The Story Shack  “A Literary God (in Love)” Fall 2013

HOOT – A Postcard Review of {Mini} Poetry and Prose “We Stepped into Something Better Than Purple” Winter 2014


Litro Magazine “The Last Meal of Mr. Clarewater” Fall 2013 & “A New Religion for Fatherless Sons” Fall 2013

Superstition Review “Pieces of My Junkyard Father” Fall 2013

Literary Orphans “In Your Father’s Backyard”  Fall 2013

Dark Matter Journal “Well, This is Change” Winter 2014

Communion “I Think I’m Going to Make It” Summer 2014

Extract(s): Eastern Point Press “Bloodhounds” Winter 2014, Nominated for BEST OF THE NET & The Best of New England Literature

Mad Scientist Journal, “Oceans” & “The Greater Migration” Summer 2014

Psychopomp “So My Mother She Lives in the Clouds”  Issue 3, Summer 2014

Agave Magazine “Life Where You Want It” Vol. 2. Issue 1, Summer 2014
INTERVIEW: with Agave Magazine, August 17, 2014

Fiction Attic Press “Beer of the Month” Fall 2014

FiveQuarterly “No More Boys” Summer 2014 &
“Casting” (in their A5Q feature), Summer 2014

Fiction Southeast “Even Toy Swords” Fall 2014
Flash Audio Series Version of “Even Toy Swords”

Pea River JournalWhy Wolves Take the Calves First”* Fall 2014
*Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

Pure Coincidence Magazine “Realism in Smiles” Summer 2014

Cheap Pop Lit “That’s What You Tell Your Friends” Fall 2014

Atticus Books “Cavemen Until Blue”“Enchanted” Issue 2015

Wyvern Lit “Your Uncle Scott is a Lake Monster”  Issue Four / Winter 2015

Hear “Your Uncle Scott is a Lake Monster” read on Boston Free Radio’s Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon

Hypertrophic Literary “The Worst Thing About Hell is You Have to Climb Down to It”  Spring Issue 2015

“Setting You Free is the Best Thing I’ve Done”  Fall Issue 2015

Menacing Hedge “Her Heart a Thundering Steed”  Spring 2015