Christopher David DiCicco loves everything about you. And, speaking of you, he’d like you to know a little more about him.

dadignoresmeHe’s 5’6 and loves to write stories in the attic of his Canal Street home in Yardley Borough, Pennsylvania. It’s up there in the attic that he calls his office that he writes short pieces of fiction that delve into whatever weird thought he has at the moment. The moment. Funny thing about moments, you never know how long they’ll last. Christopher David DiCicco doesn’t expect to really have one, but he’s happy knowing that any moment he does have will be spent with his wife, kids–and you–the reader.

Christopher D. DiCicco received his Bachelors in English/Education from Temple University and his MFA  in Creative Writing from Arcadia University.

When Christopher David DiCicco writes–he reads it aloud. Sometimes he writes via the voice memo feature on his iPhone–while driving. If you were to hear his writing, it sounds like traffic and going places, sudden stops, and–sometimes–it sounds like the rain.

The best time to write is in the morning. This is a universal truth that holds true only to him, and Christopher knows it. If you write at a different time–good for you. You are even more universal.

Universal is good–like writing stories in the rain.